Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Anosognosia : Dr Amadors recommendations

Having recently had to deal with Pop's anosognosia / storyteller without an anomaly detector, I felt that I didn't have the distance required to respond coherently! I went back into my notes, seeking advice and council. Will admit also had to sleep on it !

Last May I was able to ask Dr Amador a question during a live call in where he was speaking to family and caregivers of people that were dealing with Anosognosia.

I asked if he had any general recommendations for us. Then later on went back and made some notes from his book :

"Have to stop talking about them being ill."

"There are lots of things that we CAN do to help: Respect , Listening."

"They are alone in their experience. "

"Reflective Listening. If they have an alliance with someone they will stay in treatment."

"Let's agree to disagree !"

"Convey your respect for their point of view. "

"Start conversations where you can learn something and you reflect back what they are feeling."

So again for those that haven't looked at Dr Amadors site : The Leap Institute,  I highly recommend a visit.

It's been the only thing out there that I have found, offering a bit of solace, for those of us on the front lines.

"Listen. Empathise. Agree. Partner.  LEAP!"