Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Learning to accept the transitory nature of good fortune and blessings." - Tal Streeter Jan. 2014

January 2014 Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tal's thoughts on his situation. And yes, it came out just like this :

"The closest thing that I might have with you, Mark, and one is I've tended to discount, is a major brain injury. At first I thought : a brain stroke, huh?!  Early on, I felt I could continue to work despite it. I now assume strokes are not as bad as I previously thought.

I am passing through this injury without a second thought, working in spite of it. It wasn't even six months after my stroke and I was back at work.

This injury may have had an affect on me but I'm not aware of it.

I'm full of magnificent short circuits !

This is part of a letter Pop wrote to Mark Saxe, a wonderful artist who recently sustained quite an injury. Mark and his wife Betsy Williams, a potter, live near Taos New Mexico. 

Their Rift Gallery is such an inspiring place and we suggest making a stop if ever you are in the area.

Rift Gallery, Rinconda New Mexico 

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