Monday, July 14, 2014

"Sky Boy" ... and Moving On !

There is a Link below to the wonderful BBC 3 radio series : Between the Ears, a kind of radio montage of interviews, bit of music and "found" sound. It's free to listen to. You can even download individual episodes for later listening when you are off-line.

This is one that I think Pop, a radio lover if ever there was one, would have really enjoyed:  

Between the Ears - "Sky Boy" - BBC 3 Radio

Back to the nittygritty as Romig would say. I apologize to all of you that come over here...looking for news of Tal ...

It's been so difficult for us. Overwhelming. I'm not sure we have ourselves all that organized. It's been such a slow process,  more like we are being taken up there and are skitting around on a thermal like some beautiful bird...or a kite!

In the immediate month after Pops passing, there was the cremation (!!!), the obituary writing, the calling friends and telling them moments (very very difficult), starting in on the things that need to be done. Organizing Pop's four archives : the writing work, the photographs, the kites, the scultpture. Each a separate thing in and of itself.

Thinking about how to republish the books, online, as ebooks, Wikipedia page for him, insuring the sculpture out there is in good shape and cared for, that Dream of Flight has what it needs to become established and functioning.  And that just skimming the surface! I'm sure there is a myriad of stuff yet to be discovered and dealt with.         

On one hand, each of us, in our Dream of Flight Family, is getting on with "life" . Making a living. Doing things that are important to our daily lives like cleaning the house! Mundane, everyday stuff.

Romig has been doing that which brings her the greatest sense of satisfaction and therapy : Potting! Touching clay! 

We have been brainstorming about what to do, what to concentrate on in our future. Tal had so many areas of interest. As do each of us! So it's a matter of organization. Going along as you can. Sometimes ploddingly, sometimes with bursts of energy...preparing the next steps together.

Bruce George and I have been looking into where and how the large scale sculpture is doing all over the world. (Yikes!) If any of it needs repair? Who is responsible for it ? Etc.  

On our immediate schedule :

First off is moving the library and collections from Verbank to Santa Fe.

That will be done in the first weeks of August.

Any help would be much appreciated ! Either on the Verbank side or along the route ( like places to stay for the truck crew driving NY - NM ) or helping recieve and unload the truck on the NM side.  

We could use help with:
packing book boxes, organizers : taking down what is in each box and getting that on a wordfile or other, photographer of each piece being crated. I think most objects already have a number but I'm not sure they have a quick photo. I'll check on that. 

Feeding our group ! That could be another helpful thing.  Encouraging Music/Sound DJ's for our working environment...truck loaders.  Things like that.

I'll be with Romig from the 3rd of August til the 8th of September in Verbank. We have room for folks to stay and we will figure out how to feed everyone I'm sure.

So I'm opening this up to all friends and family ! You are welcome in the widest sense of the word !

That's it for the nittygritty.

I'll turning this blog towards some new areas of interest, looking into "Tal Loves".  Subjects, friends, people, he was interested in or that we have updates on, or that I think he might have enjoyed.

That "Sky Boy" radio program that I opened with is my first offering post-Pop passing. I think he would have loved it. Hope to hear your impressions and opinion. 


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