Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Here We Are. April 21, 2015

One year on. Slowly going through Pop's things. Organizing his things. All this as we both are going on with our lives. I've been getting to know some of his friends thanks to Pop's facebook page. People from all over the world with all kinds of interests and connection to Pop. It has been eye opening experience.

Some part of the kite world, some with Indian Circus, some with Manhattan Kansas connections, some from Korea and Hong Ik Arts University in Seoul where Pop's Endless Smile continues its life, beautifully cared and appreciated by the students and administration. Men (yes so far, just men!) that Pop mentored. I have many more brothers than Id previously thought !

Romig is potting, has gotten several physical things worked on this year like eyesight, lungs...

Best of all she has been potting. Whether in Santa Fe or Verbank her work continues at great speed, with enormous creativity. She is a great potter. 

Me? Still in Paris. Still working as a foodstylist.  Food photography has been a pretty volatile job in the past two or three years. Publishing, advertising and food photography have changed radically with the onset of the digital revolution. So am looking at the various paths opening/closing to me with this reality. I 've started a blog about what I do with food and "prop" styling : Cooking and Looking Paris ! it lacks a bit of direction but I'm learning a lot about the digital world and the possibilities in it. I hope Pop would be proud of that. 

It is my intention to publish all of his writing, books that he had prepared for publication on the Indian Circus, Domina Jalbert...there is an enormous amount. and I want to bring The Philosophers Kite, The Art of the Japanese Kite and A Kite Journey Through India, all those into the digital age. 

It's time to use ones inner creativity and to be open to new things/places/lives. Always the big question of how to find the courage or audacity to open new doors and close others. 

This was us in Pop's eye at the Grand Canyon the winter before his stroke. 

As many of you know that have seen me in the past few years, I've put on a a few more pounds. it is starting to go the other way now thank goodness. Thanks to the Pool and finding Contact Improvisation, the inner body, my inner body is feeling better out here in the world.  

David, my brother, once asked me whether that weight was kind of a protection or body armor and I think he might have a point. I used to joke about it and say "Am pregnant with myself !" What a laborious process it is to birth oneself  at 54 or 81 ! 

Losing Pop or the Pop we knew up until his ischemic brain attack four years ago, then finally his last self  has been quite a journey. Much of our early effort went into learning about his physical situation and how to deal with the anosognosia.

We tried to offer him as much of a "life" as he could manage! Calibrating that was so difficult for Mom and I.

I'm still so amazed at how she kept it all going. Keeps it all going! How she organized the everyday stuff and dealt with the realities of life at El Castillo. There were times when I worried that I might be saying goodbye to both my parents ! But that hasn't turned out to be the case.  I pretty much fell apart after his passing but she didn't. She really got herself going. Her energy level seems miraculous. It's hard to keep up with her!

Somehow we survived another year. And are moving on.  

We thank each and everyone of you that has contributed in some way to our rebirth and offering new paths with your friendship. Our family has evolved into such a large one ! What a fine tribe ! 

We couldn't have done it without your help, kindnesses, love and the creativity that you share/shared with us throughout this period. "Next week : New hope ! That's an old Flash Gordon line, I think.

Lissa and Romig


  1. I just learned of Tal's death today. I looked him up becasue I am preparing to tell his Blind Boy's Moon tomorrow at the Clearwater Great Hudson River Revival (at the storytelling stage).

    I am thoroughly enjoying the blog's recent entries and will keep reading (as well as going back to the start).

  2. Ah the Blind Boy's Moon... !

    yes I'd love to hear your telling of Pops wonderful Dragon Tale...