Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2013 : Here we are and here we will be ! Santa Fe, New Mexico

Welcome all! Friends and family of Tal Streeter. As some of you may know, I've stopped updating the Care Pages Blogspot of the same name, quite some time ago. Out of sheer exhaustion, more than anything else!

 As things seem to have stabilized somewhat in my family's life, I'll be moving posts over here from that earlier blog as well as doing two monthly updates here about my Pop, Tal Streeter, Dream of Flight Museum and Library which will be opening here in                                                                                               Santa Fe in 2014.

For those of you that are just joining us, "Dream Of Flight, Museum and Library" is something that Tal has been working on for many many years. His first efforts went towards Newcastle in the U.K.,  then somewhat nearer to home in Verbank New York. Finally here in Santa Fe, the Wong-Wagner family generously donated land, funds, and enormous energy to establish the Friends of the Sky Foundation as well as surpervising the design and building this amazing structure to house Tal's Library and personal collection of six to seven thousand kites from the world over, sky related material as well as his sculpture, drawings and archives. 

l'll also be talking about the peculiar consequences of Pop's ischemic stroke of February of 2011. He incurred serious injury to his right hemisphere in his parietal and temporal lobes. We think it is important to share what we have learned with the wider world as well as asking for help and advice in dealing with this right brain injury long term.

For those of you that haven't seen Pop in the flesh, rest assured he looks great! He is very dapper, has good humour, memory and is still the fascinating fellow that we all know and love! Bit different, tires easily...but underneath it all, he is there.

I want to thank George Peters for inspiring me to start this blog . Both he and his wife Melanie offer stunning blogs and set a wonderful example. George said he thought Tal deserved a blog that was worthy of him! I couldn't do that at the time but am going to attempt one now! Thanks also go out to Jerry Hickey, the night owl (retired) to who I promised to restart/revamp Tal's Butterfly Blog and post regularly! Jerry, keep after me will you ?

Lissa Streeter
Santa Fe, New Mexico
August 2013

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