Friday, August 30, 2013

Rehab Boot Camp February 25, 2013

Rehab probably seems like boot camp to Poppy, but he is doing it, is working at it.
TalJoke: He received a hospital acceptable, little cuddle cat yesterday and said "I wonder if it can tell me about my cat scan?"
So, jokes aside, I'll bet he would really like to know what they see on his most recent cat scan! I forgot to ask Mom to ask about that! Ugh!
Still no word on the move other than it will be very soon. 
Thanks for the photos that Janet sent of Tal's visit to several Manhattan High School art clasees.  I'll be posting those shortly. 
I have told him that Bruce George and the team at the Beach, as well as Barbara and Jay at the Strecker Nelson gallery are all communicating well about the upcoming shows. The work leaves Bruces workshop last week of March for Kansas installation early April and everything is going along as well as can be accepted. 
Dear Tal, Toe-wiggling! Sensational! And probably fun. Now your feet can talk to each other. Rehab, as Murray remembers from the days after his heart surgery, can be grueling, but it gets your body remembering what its job in life is. Love, Deborah

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