Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 8 : In It for the Long Term February 25, 2011

Thanks particularly to Bonnie Lynn Sherow for giving us the latest Tal Update there in messages (which everyone can see!Just click on "view all" over on the right side of your screen under messages!) 
There is an awful lot going on over there in room 304. Multiple physical therapists working on hands, legs, swallowing, all day long. This work will intensify when Tal moves on to rehab.
At some point Tal will be moving over to the Rehab unit of Mercy Regional Health Center. We don't know when that will be just yet but  Dr. Poell says that move is in the cards in the near future!

Poppy made some swallowing/eating headway yesterday with a bit of vanilla pudding. He told his helper that he wasn't so keen on applesauce but he did like pudding and even more: pumpkin pie! She said that while tackling pie crust might be a bit difficult, she would see what she could do about pumpkin pie custard!
As a daughter that cooks for a living, I really wanted to get on a plane and get over there ASAP! One Pumpkin pie custard comin' up Poppy!
TalFriends ! I'd love to have photos of you all to put on this blog! As you can see I have been adding what I have here on my computer or have found out there on the web.
At some point, Mom will be able to look on here too while describing things, reading your messages out loud to Poppy and showing him the pix.

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