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Friends from the CarePages blog

Friends left messages during 2011 -2012 for Pop, Mom and I, that we read and reread. These words from all of you were incredibly encouraging! 

We are/were so wrapped up in all of the day to day stuff that many a phone call / message has gone unanswered. Mom in particular is tired tired tired. She quickly reaches overload. 

Me ? In SFe, I concentrate on being w Pop as much as possible, every day, for the meals and toothbrushing. Those moments when he is either just waking up or just going to sleep are so precious as he can be very chatty. Ive become pretty handy with Ipad notes!  So it follows that I too have had little energy for anything else. At home in Paris, my work is pretty intense and the three months of the year when I'm with him, with Mom, never seem enough!  

 It's an odd thing, a blog like this of such a personal nature but I see the value of it. Pop is quite taken with the idea of it and as I am able to move over all the rest of the posts from the previous blog, I'll start posting the new things that he has been working on.         

Carepages messages March 2011 - March 2012 (date when I stopped updating the last blog): 

Posted Mar 7, 2012 12:01pm
Tal, sending love and healing thoughts!
Lis, I sent you a long e-mail. let me know if it didn't come through.
love to everyone!!! xxx shari

Posted Feb 3, 2012 12:06pm
Dear Lissa- It is so good for Tal that you are learning how his language functions. You give him respect as well as understanding. Love to you, Francine

Posted Jan 29, 2012 10:47am
thanks for the news!
best greeting to tal from tomm and kisa.
will launch another kite for him!

Posted Jan 28, 2012 11:50pm
Lissa and Romig,
Glad to know the updates. We has just had a New Lunar Year in Asia, especially the year of Black Dragon. Nice to know you also returned to Paris. indeed we all need to back to our routines, though we always wishe and hope....
Jay and Miru Family @ Seoul

Posted Jan 28, 2012 4:42pm
Thank you so much Lissa. After the gap, this has really raised my spirits. Best wishes to Tal and Romig. What a great daughter they have!

Posted Jan 28, 2012 3:38pm
Lissa, you are brilliant! Yes, I can completely understand what was happening in my conversations with Tal. I'm very excited to hear about his ideas for a new sculpture. Keep us posted!

Posted Jan 28, 2012 1:20pm
Lissa...Thanks for the update on "Pops" as you call Him. Tal... A Big Hug for You, I am glad to hear you are doing OK... The Skybow Store is keeping me busy and out trouble. I often think of you while I am working in the Lab and You are always in my prayers... I Know God holds all the cards in His Hand, and even though we do not know which card He is about to lay down next, I have to believe that it all works together for the best, for those who truly Trust Him. Blessings and Hugs to all there who are taking care of you...
Your Friend Roy, Boca Raton Florida.

Posted Jan 28, 2012 12:50pm
Thank you, Lissa, for this new update. It really helps to figure out what most of us take for granted in how thoughts are formed. I had the pleasure of visiting Tal a few weeks ago and came across the new 'Tal lucid thinking method'. He is using his mind in the way that he was in creative and dreamlike abandon. I loved conversing with him because of that. Now some of the fences are down and he works his thoughts like a wandering sage. I did get some prompting from Romig to keep him on track, though, in order to excersize his centering muscle.
Our visit gave me great confidence in seeing Tal with his inherent wit, great intellect, and humor still very much there. He has such great people around him that are helping with the difficult path he's taking. You, along with Romig, Jason, David, Fiona & Tiger are giving the prime healing ingredient for him... great love and appreciation of Tal's unique spirit. Thank you all so much for gently helping him along on this amazing part of the journey.

Posted Jan 28, 2012 11:32am
Lissa, Thanks for update. The nightowl sends best wishes.

Posted Oct 14, 2011 7:43am
Dear Lissa
I hope Tal and Romig are settled in Santa Fe and that Tal continues to make progress. Your Aug. update is so encouraging! Please keep us in the loop. Love, Abbie & Doug

Posted Aug 19, 2011 3:20pm
A quick note from Janet D in Manhattan to say that Tal and Romig are in the air on their way to Santa Fe. The sky was a glowing blue and the breeze light as they each left the airport, Romig at 11:30am-ish and Tal at 1pm. Romig flew commercial and Tal is with David, Tom the pilot and Jason from Stoneybrook in a Piper Aztec, zooming in the sky. We wish him a great trip!

Posted Aug 15, 2011 6:54am
Very great news Tal.
All best wishes and love,
Andrew J,  Ely UK

Posted Aug 14, 2011 9:47pm
Tal: We've been wondering about you and where you are in recovery. Our situation has changed quit a bit here because Barbara had a light stroke on May 26. We are blessed that it was light and after about 8 weeks of rehab she has been released to work on her own at home. She is making a good recovery and if you saw her now you would never know she had had a stroke. She has all of her motor skills and can do most anything she wants to do. It is truly amazing what can be done with rehab. Barbara has benefitted from speech therapy yet often she says the wrong word or can't remember the word she wants to pass on. The good news for her is that nearly everything is still in her brain but it has to be trained to work around the clot that will probably always be there. Barbara has also benefitted from Occupational Rehab. The two things go hand in hand in her case.
We do appreciate the update and would like to keep in touch. Our schedule will not permit us to come visit you again in Manhattan but we will be thinking of you and praying for yet further improvement in your recovery. Don't ever be discouraged because you will get much better with the medical and rehab specialists available to you.
Ray & Barbara R

Posted Aug 13, 2011 1:25am
So good to hear from you, Tal! The sock pull on trick is, indeed, a hard one...when you have to learn it all over again. Think of it all as a rebirth. You're a child again. Lucky you! Too many of us take it all for granted and forget about the wonder of it all. It is a little miracle, pulling on a sock.

Posted Aug 12, 2011 5:20pm
Great! You are making progress Tal. We are with you in spirit and prayers and know you are on your way to recovery. We know you can make it. All best wishes. David and Sue D

Posted Aug 12, 2011 5:19pm
Socks? We don't need no stinkin' socks! As to the other tasks, sounds like you are conquering them. Love you brother..... Ron

Posted Aug 12, 2011 5:06pm
Keep up the good work!
Posted Aug 12, 2011 3:32pm
Tal,  I totally know what you mean! I work hard on putting on my clothes on my own every morning and I get a star magnet for it. It's a reward on my Responsibility Chart :)
Tiger xxx

Posted Aug 11, 2011 5:00pm
Wonderful progress, Tal! Much love to you, Romig & Lissa,

Posted Aug 10, 2011 9:56pm
Tal, your grit inspires.
Love to you
and to those by your side,

Posted Aug 10, 2011 9:07am
Such good news! Go for it, Tal. You know we're all rooting for your progress. Love, Deborah and Murray

Posted Aug 10, 2011 8:42am
Thanks for the update. Glad to hear of the good progress. Hugs to Tal, Romig and Lissa. Francine and Bud

Posted Aug 10, 2011 7:11am
Hi L, What great news. Where is your Mom? Can I phone her? Love John and Vici

Posted Aug 9, 2011 9:57pm
Dear Tal, keep up the strong work. I'm looking forward to seeing you back in Santa Fe!

Posted Aug 9, 2011 8:52pm
It is upbeat and hopeful after not knowing how Tal was doing. Thanks for the update and we wil look forward to further progress( even incrementally in the right direction is so positive.
Tal, Keep up the good work. You have a lot of people rooting for you.
Love,]Jeff & Hinako

Posted Aug 9, 2011 8:52pm
It is upbeat and hopeful after not knowing how Tal was doing. Thanks for the update and we wil look forward to further progress( even incrementally in the right direction is so positive.
Tal, Keep up the good work. You have a lot of people rooting for you.
Love,]Jeff & Hinako

Posted Aug 9, 2011 8:30pm
I am really glad to learn of Tal's progress. I hope to see him at our 60th class reunion in August, 2012
Bill J

Posted Aug 9, 2011 8:03pm
Oh Lissa and Tal and Romig ! How wonderful ! So great to get this news from you.
Charlie and I send big hugs to you all !

Posted Aug 9, 2011 7:18pm
Great news for all of you, Liss.
a et al

Posted Aug 9, 2011 6:49pm
Such good news !!!! Sally will write later.

Posted Aug 9, 2011 6:47pm
Yay! Way to go!! That's what family teamwork and a great deal of faith accomplishes.

Posted Aug 9, 2011 6:47pm
Thanks for the update. Thinking of him always.
Always think of him as a good friend.

Posted Aug 1, 2011 10:37am
Hi Tal and everyone !
Got an email from Romig indicating Tal was in an intensive therapy program back at the hospital in Manhattan and would be moving to Santa Fee sometime in the first 2 weeks of August. Good news getting back to a home setting and some beautiful country. Tal commented through Romig that Manhattan was looking good with a lot of the older real estate being renovated to a "tee". That's golf Tal...I'm sure you meant a kite reference like "flying high" ! Love you brother! Ron

Posted Aug 1, 2011 6:07am
Tal, hope all is fine as fine is! havent heard news for a while.. probably a positive side effect.
& kisa too.
Posted Jun 12, 2011 1:45pm
Dear Tal, Here's a big hug and lots of encouragement. I know how you like to keep busy. Thinking of you as I'm dancing, enjoying every move.

Posted Jun 8, 2011 1:22pm
Hi Tal, Romig and Lissa....
Hoping that my older brother is making some progress in grinding away at those pesky therapies and is keeping his wit sharpened in dealing with this aggravation of a kite without a string. I love you Tal.

Posted May 26, 2011 7:24am
Dear Lissa and Romig
I can really empathize with the emotional ups and downs, the exhaustion, and the hope for some new perspective or avenue. For Mom, becoming a long-term care resident did mean no more PT and no more medicare paying for her care. I am so glad that you have each other and your support network. Are there stroke centers of excellence? Does Tal respond to a change of setting -- being outside? Thinking of you every day. Love, Abbie

Posted May 22, 2011 11:18pm
Lissa. Don't give up. Head injuries are so frustrating to deal with. That was the case with my daughter when she had her accident back in 1979. We let them put her on a trial drug for people with such injuries and we didn't know whether it was the real drug or not. She was acting so strange and out of character that we finally decided to stop the drug and find out whether it was the drug or placebo. Unfortunately, it was placebo so all the out of character things she was doing were just her current condition, not caused by the drug. Turns out, there was no drug in sight that would or could help her. She had to start writing little notes on small sticky pads and tear them off and put them on a mirror or her dresser so she could remember what to do next. Things like brush my teeth, comb my hair,turn off the lights, turn off the stove etc. Of course, wanting to do something is one thing but if you decide you don't want to do it then you have to think of something creative to get them to do it. Maybe you can find a "back door" to his thinking process to get him to try to do something. When all the traditional procedures don't work try to think outside the box to look for something that might just inspire him. Give him a reachable goal and see if he can reach it. You are probably in for a longer care situation. Maybe it would be better for him if he were in a more familiar environment, like his home but I realize that is probably a couple thousand miles away from Manhattan. I'm sure his doctor will have some recommendations for you to consider.Of course I share your concern for Tal and I understand how hard this is on both you and your mother. Frustration and the inability to communicate or convince Tal to attempt a task may seem hopeless, but sooner or later something will probably come around and improvement will be noticed. If that doesn't work for Tal in Manhattan then you may have to consider other options. Just keep thinking positive and don't be discouraged. We are keeping you in our prayers and I still think things will change for the better in a matter of time.
Thanks for the update and keep us posted.
Ray & Barbara R

Posted May 22, 2011 4:48pm
Thanks for the update, Lissa. Call when you can.
a et al.

Posted May 22, 2011 3:02pm
Let us hope that Tal is just missing his other half and that once Dorothy Ann is back next to him, he'll perk up!

Posted May 8, 2011 1:16pm
Dear Tal and Romig, Siena and I are thrilled that you finally did get our card. Thank you for your note. We continue to think about you and wish you all the best with you therapies.
Ju, Courtney and Siena

Posted May 4, 2011 9:45am
Hi Lissa- Again thank you for the spectacular reports... so helpful for Tal, plus an education for us! By separate email to you am sending a "portrait of friends" headshot photo. Hugs to you, Romeg and Tal. Love, Francine

Posted May 2, 2011 10:31am
Sounds like our hope is progressing. Thanks Lisa... I am planning to see Tal in Kansas on late June as earliest. Let me back to you in email.

Posted Apr 25, 2011 6:52am
Lissa, thank you for your continued updates. Apart from sending photos, can you think of anything we could do (phone call, letters?) that would help your mom? I am sorry we can't physically be there right now.
You are traveling such a hard road. You are the cornerstone. Love, Abbie

Posted Apr 24, 2011 9:29pm
Thanks for the updates. This is Jeff & Hinako. We just returned from visiting my folks down in Florida. I hope there is more progress each day with Tal. Tell him Hinako will have a dinner waiting for him when he feels up to it and when he is back in this part of the country.Tell Romig to write if and when she has a chance. I believe she is coming to NY sometime in May. I will be leaving for Japan on May 3 and would like to see her if possible before or else after May 23.
I am sure it is hard for you to go back to Paris now, but you have done well. I hope we have a chance to meet.
With our best wishes for Tal
Jeff & Hinako

Posted Apr 23, 2011 2:34pm
L: Thanks for the message. We hate to see you leave but know that you really must go. Tal's situation will improve over the long term but you must get back to your regular life as much as possible. We are so happy to have met you and look forward to staying in communication via the internet. I am wondering if your mother's brother happens to be Scott Sheets who I think has, or had an insurance agency here in Topeka many years ago. I did my career with the Kansas Insurance Commissioners office from 1957 to 1994. I remember the name Scott Sheets who had an insurance agency on the west side of town. My son also knew Sandy Sheets and I think she had a younger sister my son's age who may have even been in Kevin's class. He will be 50 this year.
We will try to keep in touch with your mother and Tal as time permits and if there is anything we can do to assist any of you please let us know.
Have a safe journey home.
Ray & Barbara R

Posted Apr 23, 2011 1:40pm
L- saw your update, tell your Mom I said "Happy Birthday!" I will send Tal a photo via yr email. best, kip

Posted Apr 23, 2011 11:22am
L, wish you could stay with Mom and Pop a bit longer. Oh how they will miss you! Thank you so much for the thoughtful updates. Safe travels and much love, sylvia and ron

Posted Apr 20, 2011 9:14pm
Tal: It was great to see you after probably about 50+ years. You were quite alert when my wife,Barbara,and I came into the room. I thought it was quite appropriate when you responded to her comment that it was too bad you had to come out here and get sick. Your response was that you came out here to get well. That's exactly right and you will get well with that attitude. We brought another copy of our CD for you to listen to and remember some of the old charts you played with the Carl Johnson Orchestra msny years ago. Those were good years and I enjoy keeping that era of music alive in northeast Kansas thru the Kings of Swing dance band as I now call it. We'll be watching your blog but most of all, let me know if there is anything we can do to assist you at any time.
Ray R
Posted Apr 17, 2011 2:54pm
Hi L, sending lots of love from Germany/CH. Cousin A

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