Monday, September 2, 2013

Progress as we know it : February 26, 2013

 Tal joking and making good progress

Well I thought we would start out this post with yesterdays hot off the phone wire Taljoke:
"My greatest invention? A cat reading a catscan for me!"
Tal has been moved to a care facility in Manhattan, kansas known as the Stoneybrook Nursing Home. He is in the section known as "RAPID RECOVERY" I will update his contact information here and elsewhere in this blog and apologize for not having done that earlier!Mom and I kept missing each other yesterday and she still has no computer connection for those of you following the Mom email phone saga! As Mom said "The fact that I busted the computer is probably all for the best! I really want to concentrate on being with Tal and that computer..." Sentiments we all understand!
There are some of you that may be "dog" people and some that are "cat" people , some that are both and some that are neither!
Poppy is most definitely an "all of the above" lover. Birds, chipmunks, foxes and butterflys all got his careful treatment and watchful eye. His cats ShyTown and Chibi in particular were all great companions that he kept close at hand, joining in games of chase and lapsit.
Chibi, a traveler, equal to Poppy in that regard, was such a close companion, that her passing last year was of particular poignancy to him. He sought out every possible way to make her comfortable, trying to understand her needs and in the end literally helping her to go.
So the fact that Stoneybrook has a resident "visiting cat" is indeed something that we are very happy about! "Stoney" is a huge grey tabby with stricking black markings running down his back. Mom and I have run through the various ways that we might attract Stoney to spend more time visiting Poppy. My suggestion was a doublewide scratching pad from TraderJoes but I think Mom might just have other tricks up her sleeve! No. No. Not food!
Other things: Mom said she wanted Jay, Mir and Yuni, David Tiger and Fi's to know that the red roses, flowers and a red helium balloon made the trip with him to Stoneybrrok. Tal said "It's all very very nice!"
Tal has already had two visitors to him there: Janet, who organised Tal's visit to the MHS's Art classes two weeks ago and Dr.Bascom, a family friend and son of the Dr.Bascom that delivered yours truly, Lissa!
More about those visits in another post. I'm off to the post office with various work stuffs.
Again thanks for all of your communications! I have been telling Poppy about who has written him and reading some of your messages to him each time we talk. He is more and more able to follow longer and longer conversations.
Some of the euphoric feelings of having "survived" this are hitting him now I think. He has a positive, joking mood. We just hope that will continue for as long as it takes! There certainly will be ups and DOWNs but hopefully with his tribes help, he will rally and overcome those difficulties too!
Much love to you,

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