Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Slowly but Surely ? March 17, 2011

Friday 25 March Tal has been really working hard on all of the various forms of physical therapy that he is offered. 

He has come to a turning point in his physical therapy sessions we think. He understands that it isn't about doing the particular movement that they are asking, it islearning to use that part of the body again via the movements that they are asking him to do. 

Pretty long winded description but hope it is clear! 

I had to read Moms description several times myself to get at what she was describing! 

Poppy is feeding himself, still pretty much all groundup stuff as chewing is still a difficult task. 

He has great sense of humor. This stroke hasn't diminished his sense of humour it seems. 

The most recent: "Would you please bring me a back scratcher ? Not a fancy one ! Just one of those black plastic Chinese ones with the white plastic hand. It's the white plastic hand ones that work the best. Something that they put in that plastic " 

-Lissa (I'll be in Manhattan next Tuesday the 29th and staying for about a month until the 26th!

So hopefully I'll be able to offer more detail and updates in the near future. 

Big dates in the month of April? 

Moms birthday on the 22nd! 


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