Monday, September 2, 2013

Tal's Day Off ! February 26, 2011

Well Sunday was a day of relaxing, a close shave given by Brian, BRUT aftershave (!!!) and Poppy getting talkative later on in the day/evening, all the while he knows that Monday will be the start of rehab or "hell" as he calls it.
Visits from friends Cheryl Collins from the Historical Society, Shirley Taylor, she and her husband were classmates of Poppy's.
Mom had some comforting words: "Tal is looking better. The one side that was affected with paralysis, has feeling and his muscles are responding now. It no longer looks like there is any difference on either side of his face.His breathing is easier and he is able to swallow now."
Mom has received several lessons in cellphone use from Barbara but still has not quite got the hang of it. Should be any day now!
So that was our Sunday. Dad is still in joking mode( Roy that chipmunk joke got a good guffaw out of him and he repeated it to visitors!) so we are all thankful for that.

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