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Pumpkin Pie ? March 1, 2011

Tuesday March 1 A Pumpkin Pie finds its way to our fellow!!

Posted Mar 2, 2011 3:06am
Poppy is able to swallow! So Cheryl Haskett brought him a homemade PPie. Erica, his night nurse helped him have a try. Described as "Delicious!" by a true PPie fan, he happily reunited with his favorite food.
Erica also gave Mom another cell phone class and this time it looks like she is over the hump and up and running! She spoke to her sister Virginia and next up is recieving a call, retrieving messages and the like!
Therapy has begun. But at what Tal can do. He has intense sessions requiring good concentration then is allowed to rest.
Tuesday saw him with three therapists going at him! Legs, Arms, Speech all at the same time. The intensity of concentration "just to lift your leg" is daunting says Mom!
But he wasn't as knocked out. Also he has started "initiating conversation."
He kows Mom is on her way to SantaFe tomorrow and gave her suggestions as to what to bring back etc. A new cell phone bought at Radio Shack and the like. He could tell her who sold it to him and who to go to if she had problems!
On that note: Moms trip to Santafe, David Fiona and Tiger will be picking up Mom at the airport and bringing her up to SantaFe. Hall has gotten the keys to the Subaru and has taken the car round the block to check the oil and tires and such.
Mom has organized Poppy's Stoneybrook visitors while she is away with folks coming in to talk to him about various subjects keeping him intellectually stimulated.
What has Tal been doing while he rests? Stay tuned tomorrow for that piece of information. It's simply beautiful. Totally Tal. I want the recipiant to hear it from Mom first so thats why I am holding off till tomorrow!

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