Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tal Streeter at The Beach Museum, Manhattan, KS: April

As we get closer to the opening of Pop's show at the Beach, help comes! Bruce George, Uko and Hideko Morita . 
Bruce George was the first. Bruce, who had done total restorations on all of this work as well as constructing the new pieces, came to install the show with Lindsay Smith, installations designer at the Beach. What an exciting moment when we started to get the pieces unpacked and Bruce situated them in the space of that enormous hall.
Most of these were simple red sculptures made in the late sixties and seventies. Then Bruce had smaller "floating "ghosts" of these pieces in flat white composite polymer that floated above nearby...Elegant and graceful, they totally inhabited the space. We think Tal will be thrilled when he is finally able to visit this installation.
I'll try to get a pix of that up here for those of you unable to travel to see it yourselves. We certainly welcome all of his friends to Manhattan to see it, those of you that live nearer!
Bruce spent time every night with Tal, the night owl, describing the days events. This was incredibly uplifting for him! And we recommend that his local visitors visit the show before visiting him. It will be as uplifting for you as it is for him when he hears it described by a friend with a fresh pair of eyes!
Bruce's visit was totally manna from heaven for all of us here. Good humored, impeccable sense of space and flow, he and Lindsay and a bit me, Lissa (!!!)got the show at the Beach up and installed on time and most importantly, really beautifully!
I think I will leave it there for now. Uko and Hideko Morita have arrived from New York to be with Tal this weekend.

Uko Morita and his wife Hideko arrived yesterday ! So we continue the positive stimulation for Tal!
I'll let Uko describe himself how he found Tal:
I was so lucky that I came on one of his good days.Certainly there is the problem for moving his limbs. As far as his mind goes, it is there and clear. We had quite a lengthy conversation. When I asked him I had lots of questions (about life, about work, about business, to ask him, he replied "Any time!"
Museum Show was wonderful and none of the pieces looks old! Certainly the space was limited, long and thin, but it fills it so well!

Hideko brought a kaleidoscope and brightly colored cookies for which he was interested in trying a few! He still has a sweet tooth, Tal Streeter!
When she was leaving she said "Well, we are leaving Tal!" He answered: "Don't go far!"
From Manhattan,

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