Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Moving Body and Soul to Santa Fe, New Mexico July , 2011

Well first apologies to all Tal friends as it has been several months since we posted an update. Mom is totally concentrated on Tal's wellbeing, therapies as well as her own as I am sure you can all appreciate!

Tal moved from the Stoneybrook Rapid Recovery Unit some two weeks ago to the Acute Rehab/In patient Rehab at Mercy Regional Hospital, also here in Manhattan. Why? Because Mercy's Nursing Staff said he was strong enough to attempt a more intensive therapy program! Yay! That means that Pop does three full hours of rehab a day, 5 days a week. 3types of therapists work with him.
Physical Therapy: wheelchair rolling with his right leg, putting weight on that leg, learning to roll from on side to another, he is getting better at helping his helpers "transfer" from one spot to another, say, his wheelchair to the bed etc. This is an important step. The more he can "participate" in moving from one spot to another, the better it will be.
Occupational therapy has also been working to help him dress and feed himself !!!!
Speech therapists work on his eating skills, brushing his teeth, cleaning the left side of his mouth and will be setting up his dragonspeak computer voice recognition program as soon as it arrives! He is excited 'bout that as it was something he was looking into before all of this happened!
The goal here at Mercy is to help him do as much as possible himself even if that takes time : eating can take a good 45 minutes!
Tal will be here til the Friday 19th of August when he leaves for Santa Fe New Mexico. Our friends from down there are flying a private plane up to pick him up and bring him back there for what will be the next part of this adventure.
I'll be updating all of Pops contact information over the next few days. As well as giving you an update on his condition: not brilliant but golly a whole lot better than we ever thought he might be!His mental state is really quite good. Ever since we got him off all pain medicicationswith the exception of a tylenol when needed he has been up, less of a night owl and able to really participate in his therapy. Its so positive and we are are so thrilled!
Tomorrows update: Some recent Tal humour!Our love to all of you!

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