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How does the Brain "Relearn" ? March 5, 2011

Posted Mar 5, 2011 3:43am

Quite an adventure, how our brain processes information. Relearning how to write and read will be poppy's great challenge in addition to walking, sitting up, chewing eating and swallowing normally. We all will want to hear this tale from a talented storyteller!
There are some perception/reading problems associated with these kinds of stokes. The good news is that the therapy staff all know about this and thankfully know what to do about this phenomena!
Mom described what it was like to see him working for the first time with the reading therapist: "She would show him a word like "timeline". He would be able to read and say outloud the "time" part on the left hand side of the page but wouldn't see the "line" part on the right hand side. By asking him to follow a red line underneath lefthand side "time" that slowly included the righthand "line", his brain was able to compensate and see that there was "timeline" there and not just "time"! This left /right perception problem is par for the course and is something they know exactly what to do about! Creative, creative, creative these therapists!
Mom also said that Margy reported that "He threw his kleenex in the basket: meaning aim, shoot and dunk!" He could see it, aim for it and hit it! Great therapy right there and I'm going to look for some soft balls for him to have around to "play" as often as he feels up to it!
Many thanks to his all of his visiting friends in Manhattan that keep him up with our messages of love and life and leave word of his daily progress for those of us far away.
Best to you all, Lissa

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