Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Eating, Visitors and the tragedies in Japan, March 7, 2011

Poppy has many a visitor. High School friends from Manhattan, Kansas City. Monday the 12th, his beloved godson Tiger and parents David and Fiona will be visiting for a few days.
Eating is still kind of a chore but one that Tal is getting better and better at. He has now started eating with others in the dining room. Things like tuna fish sandwiches and Diet Dr Pepper, altho for the moment no straws etc as puckering his mouth is still difficult. All of his food is ground up and practically in liquid form for easy swallowing.
Mom has learned how to use her cell phone and is able to both receive and make calls! We don't know if she can yet listen to her messages but she has several friends at Radio Shack that are helping her with the basics.
For the moment that is all the news I have. We are all pretty tired and communication is sparse. Hopefully things will continue to improuve as spring brings softer weather.
No, Tal has heard nothing of the situation in Japan. I have been trying to find word of his friend Kuniyoshi Munakata but as yet, have not heard back from Mihou, his son living in the UK. Kuniyoshi lives in Atami, quite aways below Tokyo so I think and hope that he is all right. From what I have been able to gather, this part of Japan sustained no damage anywhere devastating as that in northern Japan.
Tal has always been a very emotional fellow. he feels things deeply, cries easily. No that isn't a bad thing! It is my hope that his friends will wait a bit to tell him this.
I haven't discussed it with Mom either, nor she with me.

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