Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tal's World Today : Fall 2013

Yes, you ask yourself if you  would be able to survive the day in - day out life Pop has been living these past few years ?  I think its a little bit more complex than you might imagine. As his brain processes information differently these days, we think that this is probably the best we can offer him. A life where things move at a pretty even pace. Changes are not abrupt. Yes, stimulation ( visual, talk, visits, outings) but we always make sure Pop has time to  recuperate and adapt both physically and mentally.

What does his world, his view from the bed look like ?  A bit chaotic, but he seems to prefer it like that.  I proposed changing out the postcards for instance, he said no he wanted everything left just as it we just add a new area as new things come in.

On the wall closest to his right seeing side, messages from friends, long columns of post cards, photographs of Endless Column out at Storm King Art Center, a menu from Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen, pictures of Tiger, Pops godson,  and many other friends and family

Two bright blue socks hang with the message : " See Tal ? The sky really does begin at your feet! " 
That's a famous Tal Streeter quote by the way: "The Sky Begins At Your Feet !" Oh those boys from Kansas!

At Pops window, two Ken Conrad kites (Great Winds Kite Co. Seattle, WA) . Tal: "You see that kite over there? I am almost embarrassed to admit how much pleasure I have got out of watching that kite fly all day today. It is so beautiful how the tails come down and twirl around each other. All I have done all day is lay in this bed and watch that kite." 

On the window ledge, Pops collection of rocks. In particular, rocks found in the desert. More on these later. 

At the far end of his bed, Bruce George has made a small model of a sculpture that Tal wants to put up at the Dream of Flight , Museum and Library. 

Near the window, a wonderful little painting done by an eleven year old artist, Chamisa Edd from Durango. Mom found that at the 2011 Indian Market, a few days after Tal's arrival in El Castillo. Chamisa and her sisters, have a great site which I hope you will check out: 

Everywhere else : kites and kite paraphernalia ! Pop's ripstop ribbons of color, Flying Red Lines, a brightly colored Chinese kite, a red Happi coat from the flying fields of a Shirone O-dako team, photos of Roy Meuller's parafoils, all make what could be a somber place, something quite joyful for everyone there.

Pop has a television. He doesn't watch it. Mom has covered it up with a cloth so I'd guess he has forgotten that he has one. We sometimes watch YouTube video on his iPad in bed. Most subjects are flight related. Hummingbirds, bird, butterfly and all types of insect flight as well as the Virgin Galactic animations for future spaceflight. 

Always the dream of flight... for this man glued to his bed. 

L.S, September 28, 2013
Santa Fe, New Mexico


  1. it's very moving, Lissa. But you're back to us, I don't understand? I hope everything goes well. kisses JP

  2. Hi Lissa!! No news for too long, thanks for sharing these touching descriptions. Please give a big hug to Tal from me. Warm thoughts to 3 of you. Nicolas

  3. Life with Tal is an inspiration to those of us dealing with the plight of turning 80! His malady is a curse to corral so much talent. Aging does not seem to play favorites. Today I celebrate my 79th. Have hope in new medication to deal with my own defugalties. Did spell check and find that this is a word for old people and the word above is not even in the dictionary according to Google! Tal we've out lived the dictionary!

  4. Hi Lissa, since you have an iPad, please download my ebook, and show it to Tal. Indian stuff, it will make him travel and fly above the country where we met. It's free:

  5. hi lissa
    hi tal !
    tal, you look great !
    best greetings, also to romney :)
    from our new home 'wikuku'
    tomm and kisa.